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About Stanrz

Stanrz (/sta~ners/) is derived from the word ‘Stan’ which according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means: ‘an extremely or excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan’. A social media platform for super fans and anyone with stans.


At Stanrz, we believe that every business, brand, cause and person has a fan. Amongst those fans are super fans (stans), individuals that will remain devoted and stand by you through thick and thin with their undying love and support. 


Anyone with an audience can create a public profile on Stanrz. Every content shared let it be an image or a video can be monetized. You can also create your own personal ‘Fan Club’ for Free and share more exclusive content to your stans. Access to Fan Clubs can be given out for free or charged a subscription fee. Stanrz takes No Commission on subscription fees. It’s 100% yours!


The Stanrz platform allows stans to show/express their love and support. With ‘Superlikes’, virtual credits that can be purchased, a stan can show their support on any content that their favorite creator has shared. Similar to a normal ‘Like’ button, ‘Superlikes’ can be given to any content on Stanrz as a reward for content creators while providing encouragement. They can be used to unlock locked content as well as a form of payment to join ‘Fan Clubs’. Giving ‘Superlikes’ can also get you featured as a ‘Top Stanrz’ on your favorite creators profile page! Now that’s a Major Flex!


What are you waiting for? Create a Free account today and start connecting with your stans!


“Everyone has a stan!”